62 canciones para recordar 2012

Ni están todas las que son ni son todas las que están pero esta lista puede resumir muy bien mi banda sonora de 2012. Sin ningún tipo de orden ni predilección, simplemente canciones de 2012 con las que he disfrutado de eso que llamo musica pop.

¡Feliz año nuevo!

The Eversons – kick him out

Dylan Mondegreen – tears all over town

Frank and Walters – indie love song

Ben Kweller – jealous girl

The Honey Wilders – summertime in the suburbs

Angel Kaplan – your empty eyes

The Explorers Club – go for you

Imperial State Electric -  can´t seem to shake it off my mind

Lewis Wilson – there´s know stopping you

Gentleman Jesse – i´m a mess

Lightships – sweetness in her spark

The School – never thought i´d see the day

Donnie Vie – no escape

Even – to the lights

The Elwins – come on out

Latvian Radio – sons & daughters

Baby Grand – my song 15

The Lemon Clocks – the man who lost the time

Spiritualizad – Little girl

Dexys – free

The DB´s – write back

Archie Powell- Metronome

Dave Birk – speed queen mistery date

Be like Pablo – Julianne

The Connection – I want you

Dean Owens – desert star

Marty Graveyard – why

Sala & the strange sounds – Margot

Shoes – the joke´s on you

Jukebox the ghost  - ghosts in empty houses

Redd Kross – satya away from downtown

The Sunnyboys – surfin

Redd Kross – Winter blues

Allo darlin – capricornia

David Myhr – cut the chase

David Myhr – loveblind

People on Vacation – she was the only one

Didn´t planet – Adam

Duncan Reid – kelly´s gone inside

James Iha – speed of love

Cliff Hillis – swelcome to you

Erik Voeks – olé

US Rails – heartbeat away

The Fresh & Onlys – long slow dance

Linden – Brown bird singing

The See See – fix me up

Lannie Flowers – give me a chance

Mayer Hawthorne – your easy lovin ain´t pleasin´nothin´

The Silver Factory -  the sun shines over you

The Wellingtons –  hey hey

Be like Pablo – love is for the living

People on acation – prettiest girl in the world

Eytan and the Embassy – everything changes

Bad Books – no sides

BMX Bandits – and it´s you

The Grapes of Wrath – good to see you

Hospitality – Betty Wang

The Honeymoon Stallions – radio song

This Many Boyfriends – Young lovers go pop!

Toy – my heart  skips a beat

Veronica Falls – teenage

Great Lake swimmer – easy come easy go

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